March 4, 2016

About Us

Hoboken Brewing Company began as an idea, a concept, a mission, and a dream. That dream? To embody the unique prominence of Hoboken, New Jersey with the renaissance of artisanal craft beer, incorporating innovation, creativity and individuality. To us, craft beer isn’t just a hobby turned passion project but rather a way of life. Craft beer has become our lives. It’s all we think about every day and night. We are drinking craft beer right now. You should too. Everyone’s doing it.

Why drink HBC?

We focus on session ales, drinkability, and leaving you wanting more. We strive for originality without missing the key styles and flavors that we have all grown to love. We also understand the power craft beer plays in our lives, our experiences, our good times and our bad. Our goal is for our hand crafted ales to complement you and your life when you need it most and when you least expect it. It’s how we want to show appreciation for you, for us and for our city. Will everyone love our beers? We think so…but if not, that’s OK. There is a beer style out there for everyone, and our mission is to help you find it.

Hoboken Brewing Company, Live Your Craft!




Our Mission

Since the birth of Hoboken Brewing, our mission has been twofold: To open a taproom in Hoboken & always make the best beer possible.

Hoboken Brewing Taproom – While a taproom is and always will be an immediate goal, there are many hurdles we must face to make this dream a reality. As a brand new company we don’t currently have the resources available for such a venture in this great city, but we’ll keep pushing and working tirelessly towards this dream. We sincerely hope to be able to directly serve you our beers as soon as possible!